Vanguard Site Services has an enviable presence within the Scottish Construction recruitment sector. Supplying temporary and permanent staff to the construction industry. Established in 2000, Vanguard are one of the longest serving recruitment specialists in the construction sector and thus have created loyalty with both candidates and clients by demonstrating exceptional performance, integrity and trust. Without doubt our greatest’s asset is the awards winning dedicated Trades & Labour team.


Meet The Team



Brian started in the recruitment sector in the early 90's. He worked hard learned a lot about the industry and started Vanguard in 2000. He is an extremely committed and professional businessman and is able to provide the very best service to his clients. He trusts his employees and encourages initiative and innovative practice. He expects all aspects in the business to be done correctly but at the same time appreciates that things can go wrong sometimes, but insists we learn from mistakes and move on in a positive manner. He understands the value of first impressions and always makes new clients feel at ease, feel valued and feel appreciated. Through hard work and expertise, Vanguard came through difficult times, national recession, and for the last few years experienced positive growth. With a great team and Brian at the helm, the future is indeed looking bright and Vanguard will continue to offer exceptionally high quality service to new and existence clients. Brian has also been known to eat more  pizza than a Ninja turtle.


Alan has over a decade of experience in recruitment. While working for some of the biggest names in the recruitment sector and has accrued valuable knowledge and experience recruiting across multiple sectors, opting to work within the construction sector where he feels most at home. Alan's ideology in recruitment is very much an inclusive and collaborative approach, a methodology that has become his trademark. He is always thorough in his approach and takes the time to understand all the variables required in his position, ensuring he is a trusted adviser to his clients. This dedication allows him to establish long-lasting relationships with his clients while helping them find the very best people for the most rewarding jobs. His personal focus is on growing and developing the team and moving forward in the future with all the challenges and new opportunities that this entails. When he’s not in the office at the weekend, you can normally find him teeing it up on the golf course where he can be located usually in the rough or greenside bunkers!...



Kenny has over 3 years experience in recruitment. He started at Vanguard as an 18 year old and has progressed in an inspiring manner to being Labour Manager. Kennys' personal focus is proactively managing all labour/sub-contractor movements around all clients sites. His depth of knowledge and friendly approach has become a very distinct trademark. He always ensures to take the time to understand any and all requirements from clients, ensuring that he is a trusted recruitment partner. Kenny, although a very committed and dedicated worker, also likes to make a sharp exit to the pub on a Friday evening so if candidates coming in to register can make sure you’re in before 5.30 pm he would greatly appreciate it. Kenny really is a dedicated and extremely keen member of our team and continues to develop his skills and knowledge in recruitment.



Anthony is the newest member of the team coming on board September 2017. He has quickly established himself as a valuable member of our team. He does arrive with 12 years experience working on construction sites. He is a fully qualified plasterer, a trait that brings valuable knowledge and a greater understanding of what his clients need and expect on site. Anthony’s main focus is finding the right candidates for the right roles and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible on sites. ( a wee plastering reference there). He doesn't skim over any details (again!) and although new to our team he definitely shares the same work ethic and commitment as his colleagues around him.



Lee-Anne joined the Vanguard team in April 2017 and has been an integral part of our payroll department ever since. Bringing ten years payroll experience with her she has proved time and time again a fantastic addition to our team. Lee-Anne has established herself as a fantastic sound board in the office where people seek her help and advice on a variety of issues around the office. She brings a healthy calming and caring balance to an already exceptional team. Lee - Anne often adopts a level headed mother type figure around the office and listens to issues and offers good practical advice. She is very committed to the team but can quickly become a fierce lioness if you try to access her secret chocolate stash. She is held in very high regard from all of her colleagues and we are delighted that she is part of our dynamic and committed team.


Lesley works in the accounts department and is the wife of Brian. She works diligently for Vanguard, ensuring all facts and figures are up to date and accurate. Through her expertise, Lesley has helped the company be the strong, secure and successful business that it is today. As well as working for Vanguard, Lesley also works for Partick Thistle FC and enjoys both roles and she is certainly an important member of the Vanguard team and makes a very important contribution to our team on a weekly basis.

We deliver:

Fully qualified, vetted, checked and certified workforce.
Bespoke provisioning, no requirement too small or too big.
In depth construction market and recruitment knowledge.
Permanent and ad hoc provision of all trades, labour, management and operators.
Daily check in of temporary workers.
Full payroll service, ensuring operatives are paid correctly and on time.
Immediate sourcing of operators with specialist skill sets and trades.
Operator help desk, ensuring all provisioned staff have a point of contact, freeing up your time.
Competitive rates on all staffing levels.

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